​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Virtual Firearm Tactics, a division of  Innovative Investigations and Security Group, (www.InnovativeInvestigations.org.) is proud to offer the latest in Virtual Firearms training to   area Law Enforcement Departments, Security Agencies, CCW Holders, Church and School Security Teams, and the General Public. We are uniquely qualified to provide training to all shooters. We are able to provide training to those shooters with little to no experience, as well as Seasoned Law Enforcement Professionals who are excellent shooters, but simply want to improve their overall Force on Force Tactical Skills.

Our Virtual targeting system provides a wide range of Skill Drills and Tactical Scenarios that will challenge every shooter. To facilitate the ability for Virtual Firearm Tactics to provide realistic shooting experiences, we utilize a 40' X 15' shooting area for our standard skill drills and close quarter tactical scenarios, but are capible of increasing our range length to just over 60' when utilizing our hunting rifles and AR-15's, or during the shooting of our Sniper Scenarios. To further enhance the realism of our shooting challenges, we utilize a high definition image screen that guarantees clearity and enhances realism.

A wide variety of laser based firearms are available for usage, depending on the experience of the shooter and the type of training being conducted. The weapons include actual semi-auto hand guns and rifles that have been fitted with compatible Laser and recoil kits. The only sense of realism that may be missing when shooting our weapons, is the smell of gun powder, since we use no live ammunition. The obvious advantage is,  No Ammunition Costs.

 We are so much more than the typical shooting range. Our 250+ Tactical Training Scenarios and 80+ accuracy based Skill Drills provide us the ability to offer personalized training to custom fit the needs of any shooter. Our Scenarios provide a shot by shot record of lethal, non lethal, and missed shots. We also are able to review and evaluate the judgemental decisions made by the shooter during any of the 250+ tactical challenges. 

For the "Die Hard" Law Enforcement and Security professional, we can activate our shoot back technology which provides the shooter with an uncomfortable shock response, should they fail to nutrulize a threat and are subsequently shot by an offender.

​​Unlike the redundant shooting of paper targets, Virtual Firearm Tactics is a highly interactive and challenging system, allowing the difficulty level of each challenge to be adjusted and the actions of the offenders changed during any Tactical Scenario. We are therefore able to meet the specific training needs of the individual shooter.